Environmental Scope

The scope of the Environmental Management System applies to the Manufacture of Molded Fiberglass and Textile Parts for the Automotive and Building Industries related to Pelt Manufacturing, Molding, Cutting, Assembly, Packaging, Shipping, Receiving, Maintenance and Tooling at TREVES CTA.

TREVES CTA EMS covers the Corbin, Kentucky plant.

TREVES CTA is working to become a more Sustainable Company not only in our processes but with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

TREVES CTA will ensure compliance with all State and Federal Regulations as well as Customer Requirements with consideration being given to its authority and its ability to exercise control and influence within its boundaries (physical and legal).

TREVES CTA will continually improve to prevent any potential emergency situations within our production operations such as fires and combustible dust.

TREVES CTA will consider all internal and external issues that may have an influence on its operations, either positive or negative.  These issues may include environmental conditions related to climate, air quality, water quality, land use, natural resource availability and biodiversity; external cultural, social, political, legal, regulatory, financial, technological, economic, natural and competitive circumstances, whether international, national, regional or local; conditions of the organization, such as its activities, products and services, strategic direction, culture and capabilities (i.e. people, knowledge, processes, systems).