In-House Testing Labs


TREVES CTA in-house testing laboratories are unmatched in the industry. Our materials and acoustics testing capabilities support product development, production and quality. We’re able to obtain engineering and development feedback in real-time, allowing for accelerated timelines and a superior process for conducting trials and tests.

TREVES CTA is also one of a few manufacturers of automotive thermal and acoustical insulators that operates an in-house reverberation room and sound transmission-loss suite. Designed, installed and certified by Kolano and Saha Engineers, this acoustic lab is supported by sophisticated equipment and software.

Our fully-equipped materials lab benefits our customers by allowing us the capability to conduct special and non-typical development tests and helps our OEMs identify and solve problems. Some examples of the testing our materials lab is equipped to handle are:

  • Abrasion tests
  • Air flow resistance (AFR) tests
  • Chemical analysis of raw materials
  • Environmental cycling
  • Flammability tests
  • Long term heat soak
  • Tensile and tear testing