CTA Acoustics granted a patent for ThermaBlend® Shield

On September 24, 2015 CTA Acoustics was granted a patent (number US-2015-0266265-A1) for the thermal and acoustic insulation material used to create our ThermaBlend® Shield product. This technology provides targeted protection from heat and can be used in tight areas and on irregular surfaces. The patent abstract describes our material as “A thermal shield material comprises a laminate of a homogeneously blended fiber mat of fiberglass, polyester and bi-component polyester, a plurality of tufts disposed on only one side of the laminate mat, the tufts formed by needling the laminate mat from a single side, first and second pressure sensitive adhesive layers disposed on first and second sides of the blended fiber mat, a foil layer on at least one of the first and second pressure sensitive adhesive layers”.

ThermaBlend® Shield is currently being used by the automobile industry and more information about this technology can be found here.