A revolutionary new noise control product for automotive engine compartments.

Applying our extensive experience in blended glass fiber technologies and unique processing capabilities, AcoustiBlend® is a high-performance alternative to traditional decoupled mass systems.

When improved noise-reduction performance is required, AcoustiBlend® is the answer. Compared to traditional composites of fiberglass in combination with barrier sheets, AcoustiBlend® offers great potential for mass and cost-savings, as well as performance-improvement opportunities.


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    Engineered for your application

    We specifically engineer the AcoustiBlend® composite for your specific application and performance requirements


    Lightweight & cost effective

    Our AcoustiBlend® technology can provide significant weight savings over alternative materials and has no shelf life.


    Extreme thermal and acoustical performance

    Gram-for-gram AcoustiBlend® offers improved performance vs. many alternatives

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