Cost-effective, next-generation thermal and acoustical insulation

QuietBlend® is a patented blend of man-made and natural fibers that provides superior thermal insulation and acoustical absorption. This revolutionary product is light weight, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and developed to endure the harshest of environments. Best of all, QuietBlend® is not one-size-fits-all; it’s engineered for the specific application and desired performance characteristics.

QuietBlend’s exceptional performance is enhanced by the addition of a variety of surface treatments, which include facings, foils and films. It also can be combined with barrier treatments to provide the best solution for our customers’ specific needs.

The engineered QuietBlend® composite is compression molded and most commonly used in transportation industry engine compartment and underbody applications, such as hood insulators, outer dashes, shock towers and tunnel insulators.

QuietBlend patent #: US 7311957


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    Lightweight & cost effective

    Our QuietBlend® technology can provide significant weight savings over alternative materials and has no shelf life.


    Engineered for your application

    We specifically engineer QuietBlend® and surface treatments for your specific application and performance requirements


    Ergonomically Friendly

    Low dusting and fiber fallout


    Extreme thermal and acoustical performance

    Gram-for-gram QuietBlend® offers improved performance vs. many alternatives


    • Accepts a variety of surface treatments, facings and foils
    • Won’t melt or breakdown and engine or exhaust temps
    • Durable & moldable
    • Suitable for applications throughout the vehicle
    • Resistant to mildew and reagents
    • Weight range: 500 g/m2 to 1,600 g/m2
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