Surface Treatments

Optimize the thermal and acoustic performance of QuietBlend®

CTA Acoustics offers a variety of surface treatments that allow us to fine-tune the thermal and acoustic performance of QuietBlend® to your application. Our engineered solutions approach to facings gives our customers a range of options unavailable elsewhere.

CTA also exclusively offers AcoustiBlend®, an ultra lightweight composite layer that can replace a traditional heavy barrier and can generate both acoustic performance improvements and cost savings for our customers. Learn more about AcoustiBlend here.


Unmatched fabric facing options


Exclusive perforated and non-perforated foil facings


Films to fine-tune performance

Thermal Performance

Materials performance under extended operating temperatures of 30 minutes or more
Fabric faced insulator: up to 200˚ C
Lightweight (1 mil AL) foil faced insulator: 200˚C to 350˚C
Heavy-duty (2 mil AL) foil faced insulator: 350˚C to 450˚C


  • Aluminum Foils  
  • Fabric Face Cloth  
  • Acoustic Films  
  • Aluminum Foils

    Exclusive to CTA Performance perforations: We can vary both the size and density of the perforations on aluminum foil facings to achieve distinct performance results. This exclusive solution from CTA Acoustics can allow for cost and weight savings vs. common, outmoded methods.

    Various thicknesses: 1 mil – 3 mil

    Various coverage: Full coverage, strips or localized patches


  • Fabric Face Cloth

    Exclusive to CTA Unparalleled options: From standard polyester/rayon blend to carbon fiber, CTA will engineer QuietBlend® with the material required for your product and performance needs.

    Wide range of weight options

    Wide range of fabric treatments

  • Acoustic Films

    CTA acoustic films for performance tuning can be applied in composite between a facing material and QuietBlend®. Engineered in concert with performance perforations and material thickness, our solutions are more calibrated to the exacting needs of our customers than any other competitor.