ThermaBlend® Shield

A lightweight self-adhesive composite with targeted thermal protection.

ThermaBlend® Shield is an exclusive technology from CTA Acoustics, providing versatile, localized thermal protection. Our patented, ultra-lightweight composite is an alternative to traditional metal heat shields, perfect for heat-resistance in tight areas and on irregular surfaces. ThermaBlend® Shields are constructed of a unique blend of needled fiberglass and polyester with a high temperature adhesive, an aluminum foil layer for heat dissipation, and a high-tack pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing for ease of attachment.

ThermaBlend® Cross-Section

Our patented technology consists of a composite of materials that provides ultra-lightweight, targeted thermal protection.


Superior Thermal Performance

The ThermaBlend® Shield provides industry-leading performance. Laboratory testing demonstrates how this technology offers proven thermal protection.


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    Low Tooling Costs

    Low tooling costs makes our ThermaBlend® Shield technology an exceptional value


    Engineered for your application

    We specifically engineer the ThermaBlend® Shield composite for your specific application and performance requirements


    Thin and Flexbile

    ThermaBlend® Shield was designed to perform in tight areas and on irregular surface geometries


    Ultra Lightweight

    With options down to 400 g/m2, the CTA ThermaBlend® Shield, offers unmatched weight savings.


    ThermaBlend® Shield is thin and flexible and engineered to perform on irregular surfaces. Our unique fiber material blend, permanent high-temperature foil adhesive, and high-tack surface adhesive provides industry-leading and versatile thermal protection.

    Performance Properties

    Meets OEM material test specifications
    Fiber Material: Fiberglass & Polyester Blend
    Composite Thickness: 4.0 mm
    Weight: 900 g/m2
    Typical Foil Thickness: 0.002“
    Cold Temperature Resistance (-40 degrees C for 24h): Pass

    Hot Temperature Resistance (200 degrees C for 168h): Pass
    Adhesive Strength (ISO 8510-2)*: 20.0 N/cm
    Moisture Absorption: 1%
    Tear Strength (ASTM D2261)*: 100 N
    Tensile Strength (ASTM D5034)*: 100 N/cm2
    Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C518): 0.04 W/moK (@24 degrees C)

    *Test results based on standard product; product may be customized to suit unique requirements.  

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